Our team

About Fesomia

We are a technology company based in Vila-seca, near Barcelona. We are working since 2004 and currently focus on web design and development projects. The experience in these two fields gives us the confidence to dedicate widely to digital consulting.

Ethical and social responsibility

We believe that companies have a lot to say in the community's development, beyond economics. Large or small, we impact our customers, suppliers, employees, partners and neighbours environment. All we are responsible for the healthy evolution of our society.

This is our concept of Company; this is how we try to make it ours.

The people

Fesomia is a personal and professional project of Bernadette Farriol and Antonio Vicién, and a lot of people have reached us during these years. Currently, since 2008, Carles is playing with us.

Antonio Vicién Faure

Antonio is responsible for project management and designing the user experience of the applications we develop.

Carles Grau Arranz

Flawless programmer, he makes sure that the source code that comes out of Fesomia has the highest quality.

Let's talk!

We'll be glad if you share with us any doubt you may have, no matter how small it could be.