Integral web design and development

We build websites, tools and web applications to work better

At Fesomia, we design digital environments and applications that fit your work process and your team. We put analysis, design and technology at the service of your objectives.

For us, a small website is as essential as a large corporate intranet: we get involved with the same discipline whatever the size of your project.

Beyond how it looks

We are not satisfied with just creating visually good-looking products. We understand design as a resource to solve your challenges, and that's why we focus on user experience design (UX), interaction design (HCI), information architecture (IA), usability, and accessibility.

We love to learn from each client and project. If you want, we welcome you too to discover new things together.

Ethics and technology can walk together

At Fesomia, we are supporters and advocates of digital freedoms. We work and develop with free software, so the product we deliver will be yours, forever. We don't like licenses that limit the user's freedom, so in the future, you will be free to handle the product the way you want. Of course, we'd love to have you count on us, but we don't want you to be dependent on us.

We are talking about more than just licenses: we formulate tools for doing just what you are looking for, without oversizing anything, but with the doors open to facilitate growth.

At Fesomia, we are committed to making sure you get the most out of your budget

Safety comes as standard

Technology makes our lives and works more accessible, but it exposes us to unknown risks when implemented poorly. In Fesomia, all projects launch robust and safe, with zero problems for you.

We also can guide you through many administrative and legal aspects that the law obliges you to comply with information technology products and services.

Let's talk about prices, with no surprises

From a blog to an e-commerce project, we know there is no universal recipe that covers all solutions. It's necessary to analyze with criteria to decide which technological solution will be the most appropriate in each case.

At Fesomia, we are committed to making sure you get the most out of your budget. We follow a strict work method that goes from the initial study to the delivery, to fit your expectations, deadlines and economic capacity without surprises.

Could you explain to us your idea or project?

Contact us. We will deliver you an understandable, coherent plan to turn it digital.